Teen suing school district over bullying


A middle school student is suing the Volusia County School District. Dondre Jones, 13, says he was bullied at three different Volusia County schools for more than two years, and that the school district didn’t do enough to protect him.

On Monday, Jones’ attorneys announced the filing of a lawsuit accusing the school district of negligence.

His attorneys said the first time Jones was bullied, it happened at Holly Hill Middle School in 2010. They said students attacked him, pulled his pants down and took pictures of him threatening to post them online.

“I was yelling, ‘Please stop’ and ‘Leave me alone’ as loud as I could,” Jones said.

The two students were suspended and charged with battery for attacking Jones.

The lawsuit names a teacher, who resigned after shrugging the incident off as boys just playing around.

Jones moved to Campbell Middle School, where he was bullied again, by a child who attacked another student earlier in the same day. Jones’ attorneys and his mother said the school district should have done more to protect him after the first incident, that nothing was done to make sure Jones would be safe.

At a Monday morning press conference Jones himself had something to say to his bullies.

“I want the boys to know that did this to me, although you hurt me and humiliated me; I am still standing,” Jones said.

Since the bullying incidents Jones has been homeschooled. His mother says he has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, he takes medication, and receives therapy.

His attorneys said they’re not sure of damages, but his medical costs exceed $50,000 dollars.

The school district is closed for the holidays, but Nancy Wait of the school board said the district cannot comment on the pending lawsuit.

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