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Was Chardon High School Shooting a Result of Bullying?

By now we have all heard of the tragedy at Chardon High School where a student went into the school cafeteria and began firing a handgun at his fellow students? What causes a student to kill fellow students? This question has been asked of school shooters since before Columbine.  Could this shooting be a result of the shooter being bullied? As the investigation continues I am sure we will know for sure but preliminary statements from students at the school believe the shooting was in response to being bullied.

Statements made by some students who witnessed the shooting said it was unclear whether the gunman had specific targets in mind when he began shooting but others told the AP that he believed the gunman was looking for certain students. He said he saw one student dive under a cafeteria table to unsuccessfully hide. The shooter has been described as an outcast who had apparently been bullied by others. Officials would not discuss the motive.

Is bullying being taken seriously by school officials? Is enough being done to prepare our schools, faculty, and students to effectively deal with the issues of bullying? A recent national survey by the School Safety Advocacy Council of almost 1000 school officials and law enforcement officials might surprise you. To view the survey visit or click on this link For more information on bullying or training please contact Sean Burke, President SSAC at .