2014 National Conference on Bullying
DoubleTree Resort at the Entrance of Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida
February 26-28, 2014

MR. JOSH DREAN—Bullying Prevention Management
“The Whole School Model”

Josh is a former mascot of BYU who witnessed many incidences of bullying in the schools and organizations he entertained. Devastated by these acts of violence, he has devoted himself to helping create a positive, safe, and moral school climate.

Josh engages students by drawing on the exciting and unique experiences he gained as a mascot. Aiming to reach students on a deeper level, Josh majored in organizational psychology with the intent of helping students handle life challenges. He has spoken to schools and organizations across the nation, including The Bacchus Network, Youth to Youth, and Kids on the Move.

Josh's anti-bullying program is based on the whole-school model which involves empowering students, educating teachers, and informing parents.


2014 National Conference on Bullying Breakouts

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