Law Enforcement Educational Presence (LEEP)

Training Description:

This comprehensive 2-day course is specifically designed to increase the law enforcement presence in schools by law enforcement agencies:

  1. 1. Deploying specially trained reserve law enforcement officers in schools on a full time basis
  2. Develop a program where law enforcement agencies have officers assigned to patrol, specialized units and administrative duties specially trained and regularly visit schools in their jurisdiction.

Law enforcement agencies must work cooperatively with school districts in their jurisdiction to establish a police satellite office in each school where patrol officers and other officers not assigned to schools fulltime can regularly visit and complete routine reports, make business phone calls, and/or complete any other needed official business. While at the school, officers will become familiar with not only the physical layout of the school building but develop relationships with the school administration, teachers, and students. Having specially trained officers regularly visit school buildings will both provide a strong deterrence to planned attacks on the schools involved and build strong relationships with the educational community thus reducing potential violence inside and around the school.

Topics to Be Covered:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the unique role law enforcement officers can play in the educational setting (school)
  • Identify the causes of violence on school campuses and strategies to address them
  • Understand the need for school safety assessments and how to conduct a basic safety assessment of their building/campus
  • Gain an understanding of school related legal issues and special education law and how it would apply to his/her presence within the school environment
  • Understand the basic principles Emergency Management and Critical Incident Response within the school setting
  • Understand the basic principles associated with Bullying and Student Victimization

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